Monday, January 20, 2014

What does carpal tunnel have to do with running?

What the heck does carpal tunnel have to do with running.  In my case, it was the running that lead me to the discovery I have carpal tunnel.

It started a number of years ago.  I remember telling my coach Dean with RxRunning, on my long runs my right hand falls asleep.  Dean said check your shoulders/arms-I'm probably running tense.  I figured that as well and would shake out my arms or run like Frankenstein with my hands at my side. Gradually it got worse and I'd use my left hand to get to my water bottles on my belt and some days working Garmin and pressing buttons just wouldn't happen.  What used to take 6 miles for the tingly feeling became 3 miles then 1.5 miles. 

Two years ago I asked my doctor about the numbness while running and while sleeping and she put in an order for an xray... it's probably a pinched nerve in the neck she said.  I blew off the xray because why should money be spent on a pinched nerve.  Pinched nerves unpinch themselves, right? Last year when it started getting worse I asked again and this time went for the xray. No pinched never in the neck and so the next step was a neurologist. I almost blew that off.  Why go to a neurologist because of my hand? Luckily I didn't listen to myself and after nerve tests with the neurologist, he confirmed his suspicion, I have carpal tunnel.

A year later, after meeting with two surgeons, (the first one was arrogant and told me I couldn't run for 10 days), I  am having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow.  I can't run for a week because I can't get the incision and stitches wet.  I'm wondering how I can challenge that...can I hike instead? Elliptical?  

So you see, carpal tunnel has everything to do with running.  Not being able to get to my water bottles and work my garmin is enough misery to go under the knife and have the surgery.  Now hopefully I'll also get my mojo and speed back.

Happy running!


Christy said...

Good luck!!

Maybe walk/running so you don't sweat as much and can stop to drink? lol

Johann said...

I'm sure Google is getting a few extra carpal tunnel searches today :) All the best! You will be fine.

Black Knight said...

Good luck and come back soon to run!

Michael Brinkley said...

I hope you would soon regain from your surgery. I am currently recovering from carpal tunnel treatment abroad on my right dominant hand three weeks ago. I mostly work on my right hand, lots of computer typing all day at work and many other office tasks. Like you, I was also hoping that after surgery, effects wont be way more severe than what I have before and that my recovery period would not be that long. My scar is still very tender and I don't have enough strength back in my right hand to push, the surgery was successful but I know there's no fast track method for healing, I will just take it one step at a time.

Natalia said...

Oh dear, good luck with a quick recovery. You'll be as good as new!

Natalia said...

Oh dear, good luck with a quick recovery. You'll be as good as new!

lindsay said...

Glad you found the culprit! Hope it's healing quick.