Sunday, March 29, 2015

Artist in Residence - Hubbell Trading Post

I believe when I got my DSLR 3 years ago I posted about it but otherwise I've been pretty quiet about my photography. 

Back in November I applied to be an Arist in Residence (AiR) at Hubbell Trading Post. I thought out of all of the National Parks and National Park Historic sites that had AiR programs, this would be the most likely. It's not a huge site and a pretty remote location. My gamble paid off and I received an email letting me know that I was accepted.

May 16th to May 23rd, I'll be living onsite Hubbell Trading Post in a small stone hogan. For a full week I can focus on photography! There are so many places to see around there. Canyon de Chelly being the most popular and closest. I've never been to the area before and am looking forward to exploring.

Today Robert, an AiR last April, emailed me and was gracious enough to give me his number so we could talk about what to expect. He also emailed me pictures of the inside. I'm so thankful we talked because I now know to look for brown recluse spiders (he found 2 inside) and I can eat fresh eggs everyday.  The pics below are from Robert during his stay. What a cute place!

If you're interested in seeing pictures you can check out my site 
Image Image

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ack! I'm a Jogger

We've all had the conversations on the difference between a jogger and a runner.  I would bristle if someone referred to me as a jogger.  And yet now, I'm pretty sure I'm a jogger just out there to say I exercised and burn some calories.

You haven't heard much from me because I'm not running much.  Back in August shin splints (posterior) on the side of my leg (not the front where shin splints are usually located) started plaguing me.

I run maybe 2 times a week and what used to be 4 miles is now 3 miles. On my 3 mile run, I realized I'm now a dreaded jogger.  My pace is super slow and I don't have motivation to even be out there running.  I run about 1.5 miles and then after that it's a walk/jog on the way back with more walking than running. I'm definitely a jogger now.

I've put off PT for numerous reasons but after realizing the shin splints aren't going away on their own, I'll be heading to PT in March. Maybe I'll regain my runner status with PT.

Happy Running! (not jogging!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Did the Good Expo's Go?

Each year the Expo's and goodie bags get more disappointing.  I remember when a goodie bag was full of new products, things to try and you were excited to dump out and see what you received.  Post race there was food, product and more free stuff.  Now in a goodie bag you get…nada.  Expo…disappointing.

I went to the Phoenix PF Changs RnR marathon expo and was terribly disappointed.  When the race first showed up in Phoenix the expo had car vendors like Saturn and Nissan.  Southwest was there one year and I got a cool free pull backpack bag (which I still use today).  PF Changs had an awesome booth.  So many shoe companies with show discounts and of course all the muscle gels, sport drinks and muscle massagers.  There were so many vendors and lots of free stuff, back then.

Compare this to Europe's races and they get all kinds of free stuff including bottles of wine.  I know where my next race needs to be.

I believe the decrease of goodies is due to higher booth rentals for the vendors (so the race can make more money), and the increase of races.  There are so many races the vendors can't possibly participate in all of the races.  However, with PF Changs, it is the largest Arizona race with people flying in from out of town.

Not to be a complete negative naysayer, there were two things I really enjoyed at the expo.  PF Changs had samples of their sangria and Ryan Hall was speaking when I was there.  Hearing any elite marathoner is motivational and Ryan Hall was no exception.

p.s. I signed up for the race but with recent injuries and not trained I decided not to run the race but I had to get my t-shirt and check out the expo anyways.

Happy Running!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days

I set my first 101 things back in Dec 2009 and surprisingly accomplished many of those things.  It's amazing how many of the items were accomplished just by the fact they were written down.  Although I started another 101 things list after the 2009 list I didn't complete it or start it.  Now it's time for a new list, focus and plan. 

Coming up with 101 things is a really tough exercise. I looked at many blogs for inspiration and determined many of the lists were written by younger people.  Get married or finish college (their list) as compared to lower cholesterol (my list).  I'm to a point in my life that I don't want to put more things to do on my list unless I'm passionate about it and it fits in with what I want.  Traveling all 7 continents is great but I'm realistic that it's not really a goal that I want to fret about.  

The Mission:  Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria:  Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).
Why 1001 Days?   Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Start Date: December 26, 2014
End Date: September  22, 2017

Not Done
In Progress

Staying Healthy
  1. Do 50 pushups straight
  2. Give up sugar for 60 days
  3. Go a month without wine
  4. Exercise 4-5 days a week (doesn’t necessarily mean run)
  5. Do at least one PT exercise 3 days a week
  6. Eat vegetarian for a week
  7. Lose 15 lbs
  8. Run a 3:55 marathon
  9. Run a 1:45 half marathon
  10. Keep track of running and biking miles
  11. Participate in a run/bike race
  12. Do a triathon
  13. Learn 10 new recipes
  14. Plan meals on the weekend for the week ahead
  15. Shop from the farmers market monthly
  16. Plan ahead and eat healthier when traveling
  17. Buy car rack for bicycles
  18. Run 500+ miles each year (would love to do 1000)
  19. Lower my cholesterol WITHOUT meds

 Seeing the World Behind a Lens

20. Take a picture everyday for 30 days
21. Take a photography class
22. Frame 2-3 pictures I’ve taken and hang them in the house
23. Enter a photo in a photo contest
24. Have a photo published in a magazine
25. Have a photo published in Arizona Highways
26. Have three exhibits at a coffee house/restaurant/local business
27. Read 12 photography books – 1 a month. Read the book first before reading fiction
28. Be an artist in residence
29 Learn how to use the WaCom tablet
30. Get my Lightroom Expert certification
31. Post weekly on my blog at
32. Enter a contest a quarter
33. Put together a black/white collection
34. Once a month go to a new location
35. Get a canvas printed for above my desk
36. Scan and digitalize my dads negatives and slides
37. Attend a photography conference
38. Keyword all the photos from 2014 and prior
39. Keyword 2015 photos
40. Keyword 2016 photos

Travel the World and My Backyard
41. Go to Germany with my parents
42. Go car camping each summer
43.See a New England fall
44. Visit a state I've never been to
45. Go to National Park I haven’t been to
46. Go to Africa with Emily
47. Go to San Francisco and see my friend Natalia
48. See the northern lights
49. Go to Iceland
50. Go to Magic Mountain (or another roller coaster park) with my brothers
51. Go visit my brother in Colorado
52. Go to Bisbee
53. Go to the Renaissance Faire
54. Go to the Rose Bowl parade
55. Explore a cave
56. Go to each  of the 15counties in AZ and take pictures (cities in parenthesis are in the county not necessarily where I must go. )
Maricopa (done) –live there
Pinal (Casa Grande, Maricopa, Superior)
Pima (Tucson)
Yavapai (Prescott, Jerome)
Santa Cruz (Nogales, Patagonia)
Cochise (Bisbee) December 2014
Navajo (Show Low, Winslow)
Apache (Chinle)
Coconino (Flagstaff, Grand Canyon)
Yuma (Yuma)
Gila (Payson, Globe)
Graham (Safford)
Greenlee (Clifton)
La Paz (Quartzsite)
Mohave (Kingman, Lake Havasu)

Using the Right Side of the Brain
57. Finish my parents scrapbook
58. Finish the France scrapbook
59. Start Charleston scrapbook
60. Start SF scrapbook
61. Scrapbook with Tracy from California
62. Print my blog in a blog book

Because Everyone Should be a Little Bit Nicer
63. Leave a card for a neighbor
64. Donate blood
65. Give flowers to someone
66. Bring cookies with a thank you note to a police, fire or post office
67. Volunteer
68. Pay for someone’s order in line behind me
69. Give a micro-loan with Kiva
70. Let 5 friends know just how grateful I am to have them in my life.
71. Host Thanksgiving dinner

72. Adopt the something in, something out philosophy
73. Sell Kincaid’s
74. Sell ring
75. Sell Chateau
76. A week without Facebook
77. Get rid of timeshare
78. Stop worrying about gardening
79. Clean out and organize the kitchen pantry every 6 months
80. Go thru the bookshelf and donate books don’t want/need
81. Disconnect from internet for a weekend

Personal Development
82. Journal everyday for 30 days
83. Mediate everyday for 30 days
84. Spend a week being conscious of smiling
85. Dress nicer for work. Wear jeans to work only 3 days a week
86. Find a way to create passive income
87Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over
88. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
89. Read the Etiquette of Illness
90. Stop tearing at cubicles
91. Keep food log for a month
92. Find the spark for productivity at work
93. Practice German weekly (podcast, read, app)

94. Take each of my nieces and nephews individually to a movie
95. Go to the wildlife zoo in Phoenix
96. Do a "fondue night."
97. Go berry picking
98. Bake an apple pie from scratch, including crust
99. Take a cooking class with John

Last but not least
100. Put this list on my blog and update it
101. Write another 101 list at the end of the time period

Thursday, August 21, 2014

If you need a boost of motivation….

I've fallen into a running slump.
Call it the 100+ degrees day
The 5am or earlier wake-up alarm
The 15 extra pounds
The glass of wine in the evening
Or just plain lazy
I'm just not feeling the running joy and it makes me depressed. So much so that I repeat all the bad things that make me feel guilty.  I hope when it cools down I can get moving again. Maybe I can lose weight.  Maybe I can enjoy running once again.

While sulking and procrastinating I watch this video and I'm not stupid enough to think if this 40 year old can run like this I can, but it does motivate me that I don't have to stay where I'm at and I can do something more.  Joe Pavey didn't let the 'I'm too old' negative thoughts tear her down. She got out there and did something no one has done before.

Maybe if you're in a slump this will help boost you up and get your butt out there.